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True Promise Beauty Cream One

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cream one

True Promise Beauty Fascial Cream "ONE"


This exceptional all-in-one cream diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, shine, enlarged pores and sagging skin, while simultaneously acting as a makeup primer, moisturizer and skin plumper. Its potent blend of 20 cosmeceuticals, botanicals, amino acids and vitamins offers outstanding performance.One is an miracle all in one cream that truly introduces the product line's philosophy and performance. Designed deliberately for the woman (and man) who hasn't the time or patience to use multiple skin care items, One is unique in it's formulation.

The combined ingredients will simultaneously hydrate and soften the skin, instantly (within 20 seconds of application) noticeably smooth out fine surface lines and diminish deeper wrinkles, (Botox alternative highest FDA allowable percentage) gives a matte finish to the skin without being drying, tightens, lifts and plumps the skin, counteracts against damage from free radicals, and with continued usage, encourages skin matrix renewal (formation of collagen/elastin fibers).

      • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and surface lines
      • Hydrates and plumps skin
      • Lifts, firms and tightens
      • Evens skin tone
      • Smoothes skin texture
      • Minimizes the appearance of pores
      • Helps protect against free radicals
      • Works as a cosmetic primer for flawless makeup application
      • Gives skin an anti-shine, matte finish
      • Supports cosmetic procedures by helping the beautiful results last longer



ONE is an instant facelift, worn all over face, neck, throat. ONE will firm, tone, lift and condition the skin as it helps your skin to strengthen.   
ONE  helps guard against free radical damage and further skin degradation.

The cream is user friendly:
ONE can be worn alone or used in conjunction with any of your favorite treatments and cosmetics. Because it's mostly natural, ONE is made for all skin types, ages and ethnicities. Men can wear it day and night as well. ONE is invisible, leaves a shine-free matte finish and can be used as an after shave to calm and strengthen skin.


ONE is a multi-use, multi-tasking all-in-one skincare phenomenon. ONE will instantly smooth fine surface lines, shrink pores, and matte skin to a satin finish. ONE is an exceptional primer, binding any foundation, powder or cosmetic to the skin surface. ONE can be pressed over existing makeup as a non-cakey powder/blot alternative, keeping skin shine-free and makeup fresh without powder buildup. ONE at night is a tailor-made renewal treatment, either worn alone or over another cream, serum or spray to seal in the benefits of both products. ONE will help to firm, tone, lift and tighten the collagen/elastin fibers of your skin. ONE is literally food for the face.  All human skin is biochemically the same and ONE feeds the skin topically the nutrients it needs to stay youthful and healthy.


Apply twice daily for a mini-face lift. 1 oz.



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