Yonka Serum

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Yonka Serum

Skin Type : All Skin Types

This vitamin-supercharged, wonderfully rich face oil incredibly erases all deficiencies and boosts the skin’s immunity to free radicals.  

•Overthrows the appearance of visible wrinkles

 •Soothing-vitality booster that offers a spectacular rosy glow

•Helps prevent and visibly repair damaged skin.


Cereal germ oils, vitamins E and F, the 5 Quintessence E.O.*


Use after cleansing and toning. Apply 2-3 pumps a.m. and p.m. alone or added to your daytime moisturizer or night preparation product. Make sure you use enough product to saturate properly the skin.

* Lavender, cypress, rosemary, thyme and geranium