Absolut Repair Molecular

Introducing the Absolut Repair Molecular line by L'Oréal Professionnel – a specialized collection designed to rejuvenate severely damaged hair with just one application. This innovative range targets the restoration of the hair's molecular structure, revitalizing strength and elasticity.
What causes damage? Hair damage occurs when the molecular structure, primarily composed of peptides, becomes weakened. Traditionally, repairing such damage has been challenging, as most peptides are too large to penetrate the hair fiber effectively, rendering the damage seemingly irreversible. To address this, L'Oréal Professionnel developed patented hair molecular recovery technology featuring 2% Peptides Bonder and 5 amino acids. For the first time, scientists at L'Oréal Advanced Research laboratories succeeded in breaking down peptides and introducing their individual components into the hair fiber. Once inside, these components work to rebuild and restore the hair's molecular structure.
This groundbreaking range is the result of collaboration with three repair experts: Adina Pignatare (@adina_pignatare) from the US, Mike Julliard (@loungecut) from France, and Barbara Rabelo (@barbararabelo_) from Brazil.