Bond Builder B3

Brazilian Bond Builder B3 line is designed to repair hair's cortex and reattach broken hair bonds compromised by color services, styling tools, and environmental aggressors. Brazilian Bond Builder B3 utilizes breakthrough waterless delivery system and precisely designed derived polymers to adequately reduce damage at the cellular level and prevent color fading. This scientifically advanced system helps prevent the loss of cuticle responsible for supporting the inner hair's structure while improving overall integrity and vibrancy.
Brazilian Bond Builder B3 includes salon grade professional treatments and at home aftercare products.
Professional line products can be used with any hair chemical service such as coloring, highlighting, perming, keratin treatments and hair extensions to achieve ultimate results and impressive reduction in breakage. They aid in removing residue, enhance color retention, reducing styling time and fundamentally strengthen the hair's inner structure.
To maintain the effects of professional B3 line equally important are at home aftercare products which include shampoos, conditioners, mask and treatments. They are made with the same innovative ingredients found in the b3 professional formulas to help protect against heat damage from everyday styling and bring out notably healthier and stronger hair using this at-home regimen.