Fusio Dose


Kerastase Fusio Dose stands out amongst other hair care items that Kerastase brings to the table. Kerastase Fusio-Dose is the first entirely customized treatment of concentrated active ingredients, capable of solving all your hair problems. The beauty of the Fusio-Dose is that this treatment is fully customizable, and it can be combined into one unique formula by mixing the concentrate with different types of boosters to address multiple hair needs. Your hair is essentially treated and instantly transformed with this freshly fused treatment.

The initial dose of goodness comes from six highly concentrated vials with powerful active ingredients Resistance (Ceramides), Nutritive (Niacinamide), Genesis (Collagen Peptides), Blond Absolu (Hyaluronic Acid Violet Direct Dye), Curl Manifesto (Glycerin), and Chroma Absolu (Lactic Acid & Centella Asiatica). Vials should be mixed with boosters that come in 5 different options: Reconstruction (Plant Proteins), Brillance (Lactic Acid & Tartaric Acid), Nutrition (Camellia Oil), Cicablond (Vitamin E), and Discipline (Polypeptides). Choose from 30 possible combinations to address diverse hair needs by choosing the concentre as your "Primary Hair Need" and mixing it with booster as your "Secondary Hair Need."
Kerastase Fusio-Dose is the best express rinse-out conditioning treatment on the market that can transform your hair instantly into gorgeous, shiny, and silky tresses that feels just as you would walk out of the salon.