Couture Styling


Every women wants their hair to look shiny and natural but styled and be able to change the hairstyles all the time while keeping it relatively quick and easy. Kerastase Couture Styling represented by Kate Moss and her fabulous hair is the solution for every women. Gorgeous packaging of the whole line with Jewel tones, the most fashionable choice for the season. These products are among those that you strategically put on the front to decorate your bathroom or boudoir. Couture Styling consists of 8 products that promise perfect flexible hairstyles to your needs. The products can be divided to two categories: 5 that are to be applied in towel-dried hair and aim to construct the hair style (the designer teal products) and 3 that are to be applied on dry hair to offer the perfect finish on your hair (the perfector amethyst purple ones). The technology behind this line is new generation of micro-fixing polymers involving fiber as a second skin offering a perfect hold and texture but still keeping the long lasting natural movement. A simple application of Couture styling will leave your hair clean without build up.