American Crew Precision Blend Kit

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Complete Color Blending Bundle

Kit Inludes:

  • Hair brush - Ensures color saturation and equal distribution throughout hair strands. It can help remove hair and scalp coloring. An after-color hair brush may untangle and smooth rough or uneven hair, leaving it lustrous and vivid. 
  • Color bowl - It allows easy mixing of hair color or dye with developer or other additives to create the desired hair color formulation. The wide opening and flat base make it easy to stir and mix the ingredients thoroughly, ensuring an even and consistent color result
  • Color sponge - Provides easy and controlled application of hair color, especially in hard-to-reach areas 
  • Eyebrow hair coloring brush - Firm and angled bristles allow for precise, controlled and even application of color to define and shape the eyebrows
  • Hair & Beard coloring brush - Soft bristles are designed to evenly distribute the hair color on the head and facial hair, such as the beard or mustache strands without causing tangles or knots
  • Color Palette -  Offers a point of reference for selecting the ideal hair color, enabling to preview different hues on their own hair before deciding on one

Discover the art of precision blending with the American Crew Precision Blend Intro Kit. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to achieve seamless, natural-looking results. The Precision Blend Shades provide customizable coverage for gray hair, while the Gray Blending Developer ensures optimal color development. Designed to be user-friendly and versatile, this kit is perfect for both salon professionals and at-home users. Elevate your hair coloring experience with American Crew's expertise in men's grooming. Whether you're touching up roots or creating a whole new look, the Precision Blend Intro Kit delivers professional-quality results every time. Say goodbye to gray hair and hello to confidence with American Crew.


  • For all hair types
  • Provides natural grey coverage
  • Seamless, natural-looking results
  • Suitable for for hair and beard
  • User-friendly and versatile kit
  • Professional-quality results every time
  • Combine with American Crew Precision Blend Shades

Usage with Color Camo:

  1. Wear suitable disposable gloves
  2. Shampoo hair
  3. Choose the shade  that matches your natural hair color the best
  4. Mix the color with the American Crew Developer at a 1:1 ratio (Generally, about 20ml will be needed to complete the procedure on hair that is 1” long)
  5. Apply the product on the hair
  6. Keep it on from 5 to 10 minutes
  7. Rinse hair well after application of the mixture
  8. If products gets into eyes, rinse immediately

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