Goldwell For Men ReShade Developer With Applicator Bottle

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Concentrated Developer with Applicator Bottle

Developer size : 250ml / 8.5fl.oz.

Goldwell Men ReShade Developer Set with Foam Applicator must be use with Goldwell Men ReShade Grey Blending Power Shot only. The innovative applicator bottle creates oxidative dyes foam that allows perfect and quick usage with only 5 minutes processing time.

Mixing Ratio: Mix the product in a 1:1 ratio. Using the foam applicator bottle, measure 20ml of Goldwell MEN Reshade Developer Concentrate and add 20ml of Goldwell MEN Reshade Grey Blending Power Shot. Once opened, Power Shots must be used within 48 hours.
Do not shake. Tighten the squeezer lid. Then mix the content carefully by swinging the applicator bottle. Start the application immediately. Please dispose of any surplus product.
Apply to dry hair. Hold the applicator bottle upright and squeeze on the sides in order to apply the foamy working mass. Apply the mixture generously to whole hair. Distribute evenly and massage thoroughly into the hair.
Process without any heat for 5 minutes only. Do not exceed the recommended processing time as the results will become too intense. Once complete, rinse hair thoroughly. Shampoo with suitable Goldwell products (recommend Goldwell Dualsenses for MEN shampoo ) and style as usual.
TIP: For natural hair color that's difficult to determine, we recommend choosing a lighter shade. If initial shade is found to be too light, a darker shade can be applied immediately.

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