Gibs Grooming Beard Hair And Tattoo Oil

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Beard & Tattoo Oil

size : 28g / 1.0fl.oz

Nourish and strengthen your beard and mustache with Gibs Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil that contains natural argan, olive and sunflower oil blend. Gibs Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil comes in three variations and multiple scents of bergamot, passionfruit, saffron, nutmeg, leather, vanilla, and musk. This incredible Hair & Tattoo Oil adds unbelievable softness, shine and creating an intoxicating force field the ladies can't resist.


  • Natural Olive and Argan oils softens and adds shine
  • Sunflower oil strengthens, heals and protects the skin
  • Copaiba balsam prevents acne, breakouts and beard ruff
  • It’s also a fantastic tattoo treatment, ink suddenly comes to life against super-conditioned skin.

BUSH MASTER--->>>grapefruit, tobacco flower, saffron and cedar


The Bush Master plays hard on your brush, whittling away at rough and tough whiskers with passionfruit and argan oils. The result is a whisper-soft scruff, laced with adventurous hints of grapefruit, tobacco flower, saffron and cedar. Copaiba balsam busts a move on breakouts and beard ruff, while sunflower and olive oils heal the skin and condition your chops. An ultimate taming that leaves your beard, and the natives, whimpering for more.

  • Sunflower, olive and argan oils
  • Passionfruit oil
  • Copaiba balsam

MAN SCAPER--->>>nutmeg, leather and vanilla

Protect your top-dollar dander (and that baby face below) with a super smoothing super-hero trio of sunflower, olive and argan oils to soften, slick and manage your man mane. Arm yourself with passionfruit and Copbaiba oils to prevent acne and ruff from invading your stuff. Bulk your hulk with musk, nutmeg, leather and vanilla, creating an intoxicating, magnetic forcefield of a face forest, one damsels in distress only dream of getting lost in.

  • Sunflower, olive and argan oils
  • Passionfruit oil
  • Copaiba balsam

VOO DOO PRINCE--->>>bergamot, sage and sandalwood

Voodoo Prince puts facial finesse at your fingertips, working whisker wizardry right into your mane with the deep-healing powers of argan, olive and sunflower oils. The Prince casts a sultry, spell-binding majesty with bergamot, sage and sandalwood, and beckons the beard gods with Copaiba balsam and passionfruit oil to banish pesky breakouts and beard ruff. Rule the throne with a nourished, strengthened scruff fit for a king, a crown of man mojo that leaves the kingdom, and your queen, at your mutton mercy.

  • Sunflower, olive and argan oils
  • Passionfruit oil
  • Copaiba balsam

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