Razor MD Black 360

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Weight: 50 grams
Made in USA

Black 360 is a classic looking razor. The Black 360 consists of a classy, sophisticated looking handle, is compatible and comes with one Gillette Mach3 blade and ships in the signature gift case. A razor every guy deserves in their line-up!

The prescription for the perfect shave


Unofficially the company was founded in the 1920's, in the basement of Brooklyn pharmacy, by today owner's great grandfather . All were registered pharmacists, chemists had a passion for learning how to find a way to make better products. They were not happy with the selection of straight razors available so they decided to make their own. They sold them in the pharmacy and gained a local following while perfecting the craft over the next few decades. 
Fast forward to 1979, company was incorporated as Razor MD and entered the business. Razor MD® is a firm believer in the barbershop shave and created the company around one premise, to bring the old-fashioned trade home. The South Florida based company manufacturers, designs & distributes custom razors, shaving gift sets, grooming kits and a full line of skincare and shaving cream products which are now sold worldwide. Whether you choose the nickel finish or the laser-engraved iGRIP™ razor, one fact is certain--the products are all handmade in America and will ensure the very best possible shave experience without breaking the bank!